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Wow, what a mess. I used to shop here exclusively, but stopped because shipping got to high. I came back after 5 years to try again, what a nightmare. The checkout process sent me in circles, back & forth to paypal (even though I was trying to pay with a credit card). Lost all the part numbers I'd spend an hour collecting. Now my account is blocked. Probably won't come back. Furthermore your awful google captcha gatekeeping is offensive, I already verified and now it's expired while typing this.

Dear J,

We are extremely sorry to hear that this happened. We have had no other reports of similar issues, and we continue to process orders every day. If you had called us we would have gladly assisted in helping you place your order. And so you know, the payment portal is hosted by the company that also hosts our website, so we do not have any control over that process.

Kindest regards,
The courtesyparts.com Team
I"d like to thank Jimmy in the parts dept. and Courtesy Nissan for helping me get the right suspension parts ordered for my Nismo Frontier. It was quite an extensive list and I would likely have not been able to properly complete the process on line without a lot of patient help from Jimmy. This is why I tell all the Nissan owners I know, that this where to get the best deals and great customer service for anything Nissan.
Randall McKee
I can always count on courtesyparts for exactly what I need and priced way lower than the dealer, the site is easy to navigate I've ordered numberous times with a breeze great work and I do appreciate you guys for satisfying all my needs.thanks for the peace of mind knowing it's done right
Howard Bonner
You did great! Your representative was able to answer my questions and ensure I got the right part.
Looking for a hard to find part for my 95 Pathfinder.
Was in stock and shipping was less than half of a competitors price.
Found just what I was looking for after searching online and visiting local dealership and 3 parts stores.
You guys are great. Really like the diagrams of all your parts. It is very easy to order and the prices are although not the least expensive, at least competitive and the service and ease of use are worth it. Keep up the great work, and thank you.
I've been ordering parts off and on from this place since buying my XTerra new in 2006. Courtesy Nissan is the best. Thanks Jimmy and Butch!
David K
I have ordered parts several times for 2004 Maxima and 2007 Frontier. Prices were cheaper than local Nissan dealership, finding parts online was simple, and delivery was on schedule. I will continue shopping with Courtesy.
John A.
Thank you so much Jimmy for your quick assistance with providing a replacement hub cap! Much is appreciated.
D. Owens
I just wanted to Thank Jimmy and Butch for all their help in the last few years. They are always very helpful when you call and request information and help. Thanks again. Manny
Manuel Rivera, Home
easy check out & very good price !
Simply "The Best" to deal with when it comes to pricing and customer service. Even though I live in Florida, I would rather enjoy the "Courtesy Nissan" experience for my Nissan parts needs.
Dee, Nissan enthusiast/Builder
Easy and fair
Marek, Pasha
I called about 10 other Nissan dealers before I found Courtesy.
Courtesy is the ONLY one that took the time to help me find the Headlamp Retaining Rings for my vehicle (Frontier), everyone else wanted to sell me a $200 Headlight Assembly. I appreciate the honest, knowledgeable assistance provided.
Courtesy will be my go-to for ordering parts from now on.

PS: The 26029-0z800 rings (Exterra) are what you're looking for.
J. V., None
I was very pleased with the experience.
irving fields
Inquired about parts for my 1982 280ZX..... Parts Dept. quite helpful provided cross reference for replacement parts. Satisfied with the support will revert when I receive the parts verifying these are the items I was looking for...hopefully totally satisfied. But really good customer support!
Michael Mayer
Easy to navigate website, excellent customer service from your reps. I get the right part every time. I buy all my Nissan parts from you because of the customer support and quick shipping.
Nick, Upcountry Repairs
Great , always look for parts at this site for my Maxima 2004 & My GTR 2013, prices are great and several options for the shipping quotes on Puerto Rico.
Oscar Colon

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