Overall Rating: 98.81%
Average Rating: 9.88/10
Great price on parts, hard to get parts for my 94 D-21 Thank You for your service.
Searching the parts in your site is very easy and simple as well as placing the order and the check out process.
The diagrams with the parts numbers are very helpful.
You are 10!!
Bernardo dos Santos
I've been calling Texas for advice for years keeping my 01 Maxima running. I have 250k miles on my car and still running strong. Thanks for the friendly service and advice all these years. I have never had a problem ordering products off the web site since 2005 for my Maxima and Titan.
Second time using your system, very happy no problems looking up the parts. I already recommended this site to a road mechanic and he was impressed when I showed him the parts on my last purchase, so will I recommend this site to all my friends Thanks again
Daniel Betancourt, Private
u did a good
Having been using you guys for parts since 2006.
Best parts support I have ever had with any car
David in parts went out of his way to help me and it's much appreciated. I needed two parts compared one which he had in stock, the other was at the warehouse. He offered to compare the parts when he had a chance and took my number. He called back with the answer not long after and even provided the part number for easy ordering. Awesome experience and consider me a customer for life !!
Awesome! Always the best experience and prices. And big thanks to Butch in Parts.
Phi Pham
I can always count on Courtsey Nissan for official OEM parts, you can't get any easier than ordering from the Web site, you get the right part according your vehicle Vin number or call and their response is incredibly fast and always ready to help, I recommend Courtesy Nissan to any Nissan owner who wishes to keep his or her vehicle equipped with original OEM parts. Great service along with a great site, thanks for having me on board.
Howard Bonner
Courtesy parts always has what I need with great prices! Easy to find the parts and place orders.
You are very customer centric and answered all of my questions satisfactorily. When I called you explained the savings by ordering online which was nearly $ 50 cheaper than purchasing from a local Nissan dealer in my community.
Philip Lorenz
We are a Infiniti owners who are currently stationed in Germany with the military. Thanks to Scott and his excellent customer service quality we were able to receive the parts to our vehicle super fast. Thank you Scott and Courtesy Parts, you are everything what customer service should stand for!
Dominika Hatcher
Been buying parts from these guys for 15+ years and have always had great service. When I can't find the parts I need on the site, customer service is right there to help find the right part. I'm quite a ways north of Texas now (Montana), but I always go back to Courtesy for the great service.
E-mailed parts numbers with questions concerning some I did not see. Received answers the following day!
Very Happy.
David Belitz
When I sent an email, Scott gave me a reply soon. Also, shipping is very quick.
I think that it is a reliable Nissan dealer.
We will continue to use it when purchasing North American parts.

Yuhei, Japan
As a business owner, I know first hand how very difficult it is to get good help these days, but to have an employee that goes above and beyond is almost unheard of . i was very tight on my deadline and needed bearings shipped immediately. I explained this to Geane and she personally watched my order and made it go thru today . It was 15 minutes before her normal quitting time every day. Geane had to psychically walk to another building and manually pull the ticket to manually force it thru today. Try to convince that with any other customer service agent at any other place of business.... Having employees like that is what makes a company stand out.. In my opinion she makes Courtesy Nissan great and undoubtedly where I should and WILL make all my Nissan parts purchases. Geane made life a little less stressful for me today and would like to thank her for doing so. I think she deserves a raise! minimum $3-$4 an hour.
Scot Hubbard, Hubbard Automotive LLC
Prices are low and unlike other companies you don't gouge the buyer with shipping to make up for low prices. Thank you for keeping things honest. KC
KC Whittaker, Whittaker Automotive
Has always been a pleasure doing business with you folks. The prices on anything has been at least 100% cheaper than the local Nissan dealers in my area. I have actually copied the prices on some items and beat down the local dealers to match your prices on some items I needed quicker than the shipping time!!!!! I think they have placed a picture of me in their parts dept as a warning to their employees!!!! Thanks you!!
Douglas Mikell
Needed to find out if the part number I was looking at included certain components, and when I called to ask, the technician actually went to verify that the kit contained them. A1 service and pricing. Better than my local dealer. Thanks!!!
Aaron Bauer, None

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